To defeat your opponents you have the full array of digs, shots and spikes a real volleyball player would have in the same situation. You will need fast reflexes as well as a cool head to keep the overview in any situation.
The ball physics are very accurate – even the spin of the ball is taken into account to calculate the flying trajectories.


Timing is crucial

To hit the ball precisely you need perfect timing just like in the real world.

Overview as well as perfect timing are crucial

You will need to release the buttons for your action just at the time the player is going to hit the ball. If you release too early your shot/dig/set is not going to be as precise but if you release too late, your character is going to completely mess up the action. Naturally it is more difficult to get the timing right for  very high or very fast balls – so playing the game feels a lot like playing in reality.


Humanlike AI

don’t think you can do the same shot over and over again

The AI has several difficulty settings but always behaves very similar to a real human. On the one hand it analyzes your style of play and  guesses your next action, on the other
hand it sometimes makes unforced errors.
Just don’t think you can successfully do the same shot in the same situation over and over again.



There are two control modes: either control just one player at all times or – more difficult but also more intense – control both players alternately whenever they play the ball.
Additionally you can always play cooperatively with a friend. Setup for multiple players is extremely easy as most joysticks are supported out of the box.


Lifelike characters & editor

The characters in the game have the different speeds, jumping heights, stamina and technique just as real world players.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 13.15.44
Your body reflects your abilities

In the character designer you can create any type of player you can imagine, from a virtual clone of yourself to a world champion(if this is not the same in your case). The players not only look like their real world counterparts, they also have the same abilities. Of course you can also precisely setup the looks of your player.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 13.16.28
setup the looks of your character


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 13.15.59
Imperial and metric system!

You could for example create a fully trained version of yourself (and your partner) and look what would be possible. While modifying a character you can always see his/her physical facts and some athletic results (height, weight, attack reach, sprint and middle distance). This makes it very easy to accurately recreate real world players.






Extensive Career & Party Mode for both Sexes

In the party mode you can create costum tournaments (single elimination, double elimination, king of the beach, round robin) with up to 16 teams. Each team can either be controlled by two humans, one human, or the AI. Theoretically you could setup a tournament for 32 human players, where always 4 people play at a time!

Play tournaments all over the world

In the career mode hundreds of teams competing at dozens of tournaments all around the planet are simulated.
You start out as local underdog in one of 30 nations. After gaining enough points at national tournaments you are qualified to take part in continental tournaments and eventually you

Train your characters

become eligible for international tournaments.
After each tournament you can train your team to eradicate your most annoying weaknesses.
Before a match starts you can view the abilities of your opposing team. This way you can take advantage of their weaknesses or hinder them to utilize their strengths.


Emotion SystemScreen Shot 2016-07-27 at 13.31.52

The audience and player reactions reflect the complete course of the game – not just the last rally.

There will be no inappropriate cheers just because one team, that is already way behind and will lose the match anyways, scores.
Again, even not so spectacular points might lead to some heavy cheers if one team is catching up!
This awareness of situations also affects the gameplay: e.g. AI controlled players are more prone to make unforced errors in a close match after they were intimidated by a block.


Wide range of tournaments and locations

From tournaments on the beach to indoor locations, from small national tournaments to  majors and  world championships –  you will find everything in this game and every city looks different.